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Matthew David Miglin

Matthew David Miglin

Matthew David Miglin

Money, money, money—it’s a major concern to most people, from all walks of life. Financial stress is destroying marriages, families, health, and worker productivity. Middle Americans are making financial decisions that are sabotaging their futures and retirements—while inflation is making them poorer and poorer each year, they don’t even know it. They are making foolish money mistakes like living beyond their means, not setting aside money reserves, taking foolish risks, playing the lottery and going deeper into debt with little concern. If you’re on this page today, you’re different. You’re ready to do what it takes to make small changes to reap big rewards. To make this happen takes a particular mindset, the right attitude, and solid, positive habits…and Matthew David Miglin is here to help you every step of the way through books, CDs, videos, training programs as well as his Prosperity Club. Sign up to get on the road to financial and personal freedom starting right now!


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It All Starts with Valuing a Dollar

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Yes, a dollar.

Until you can value and appreciate the growth potential of a dollar bill, you will never attain great wealth.

Building prosperity starts with your first dollar, then your second and third and so on, but it starts with a dollar.

So the next time you are ready to blow a dollar on something you don’t need, think about what that dollar can do for you.

It will work for you when you are asleep, whether you are working or not, it will always be working.  A dollar is your friend,

learn to treat is as such and it will reward you in the distant future.

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